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April 12, 2005


Auntie CeCe

Just for the record, before I die these are my life goals: Learn to play the piano ( the one song I know is nice, but come on....); learn to decorate cakes like in the bakery; and learn to juggle (I have the penguinies already). Your mother thinks these life goals are dumb. Alas!

the old gray mare

I checked out the video and couldn't help but comment.....your assessment was RIGHT ON THE MONEY! I do not think I have seen anything so nauseatingly cheesy in my life...and why did they do the close-ups of that guy with major horse teeth? I hate when a nice sentiment is messed up by a bozo like this. While I have every respect for those who have died in service to our country and the families they left behind, this was NOT the way to express it. I would love to hear you belt out a few tunes Leila. I too am an auto diva. Theme song from Titanic...another cheesy classic, and Bonnie Raitt is excellent. Perhaps we could drive somewhere and pretend we're Wilson Phillips?

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