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April 16, 2005


the old gray mare

I wholeheartedly agree with your entire post! I too despise those Precious Moments figurines, and all manner of cutesy "art". Like childrens faces with oversized eyes and stuff like that. Now, I am rather enamoured of the greeting cards out now with stretchy animals with oversized eyes...but they aren't meant to be cute, they're meant to be grotesque. And I'll take grotesque art over cute art any day.

As far as tax day goes....double ugh! Or in my case, seven times the ugh. However, that being said, remember this....That nothing is bigger than God, even the tax bill. Keep the faith. He will provide! I believe that with my whole heart. It's how I've managed to get through the past few years with relatively little worry, and what little I've had has been of my own making, not His.


Oh man - you managed to work in the Cheetos and Red Bull. You SO rock, Leila. And just look at little Kevney and Britven! Ain't they precious?

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