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May 07, 2006



How about two geek classics: Real Genius and Weird Science


Wow. Some of my reactions to your list:

UHF: Holy shit, my sister and I still recreate the commercial. Spatula City! SPATULA CITY!
Heathers: fuck me gently with a chainsaw, indeed. that is so 1987. And ever the favorite: I love mah dead gay son!
Have you actually read The Princess Bride? If not, I fully recommend it - the sword fighting scene makes SO much more sense after.
Dead Again? that is one of my favorite movies EVER. I knew we were meant to be friends.

And on a final note - yeah, I saw what you did there. I subscribed to that mag for like 6 years before I realized how crap it was (or it got crappy, not sure which now).


Good choices. PWBA is a fave of Lori's. We queue it up once a year.

FWIW the folks at the Alamo are REAL tired of the basement joke.

We asked anyway (both trips)

johnny quest

so what defines a cult movie?
is it one you watch over and over with friends and repeat lines to atschool or at work? is it one that epitomizes an era, movement or group of people? or is it just a popular independent film?

here's my favorite cult movies. i know it's a work in progress and it does include some cheesy movies, but those were my friend's choices.

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