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April 04, 2008



Gnu- Back in the day.... I was a light tech for a concert hall in Denver, CO. New Kids, Tiffany et al did a show and I (in my 23 year old glory) was APPALLED at the hip thrusting and blatant sexuality in their show. I mean, OMG, they were little boys!!!! Ah well, as the parent now of a boy who is about that age - I have a better understanding of hormones and thousands of screaming girls. Anyway - they put on a good show, BUT is was ALL LIPSYNCed.

Have fun at the show - I'll be doing the same thing when Duran Duran comes back around. Sigh dreamily!

John Tucker

Have you ever contemplated the distopian version of your current life where you never got in that car, never learned about Rush, and went through your life thinking that NKOTB were the pinnacle of musical excellence?


I had the Duran Duran crush also. I have to admit I was a little older - in college. I loved John Taylor and still do.


I'm thoroughly enjoying the idea of you in a side ponytail.

Katie Bonk

You have stirred up so many of my own memories!! I always liked Jon because he was the shy, quiet one. And because all of my friends liked Joe or Jordan, and I had to be different. (But giiiirl, that poster of Jordan is awfully nice!)
I hear that the tour is going to be mostly their new songs. That would really suck if I spend good money and they don't sing "Please Don't Go Girl" to me. Although, I truly doubt that Joey can reach the high notes in that song still- what with the puberty and all.


I may be a "skinny hipster kid" as my sister so lovingly puts it, but whenever i wear that shirt and people laugh i say, "yeah, its my sister's shirt." and then act as if she currently wears it. I'm not being ironic at all. NKotB was a good example of a confusing male role model for a boy of my age when they were popular. Here they were, dolled-up boy band homo-erotica, the complete opposite of the "man stereotype," and every girl i knew was bat-shit crazy for them. Whatever precedents set by people like david bowie and billy idol in "rebellious gender confusion" seems now to be the only steam that the NKotB were running on. They still kind of confuse the hell out of me.

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