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April 01, 2008



No one has had cake yet?

Sad. Everyone should have cake.


Clever girl...

Katie Bonk


the old gray mare

Fabulous! I once frosted a couple of bricks, but the rouse was over as soon as someone tried to cut a piece. This is MUCH better!


Did it fool Marie? No one was in a joking mood at my office today.


No Joan, I let Marie in on it. She was an accomplice, really, because she went and got a big piece of cake and walked it through the office saying "Mmmm, cake in the break room!"


Maaaaaaaan, you are the master!!!

Sven Randombeard

OH HAI! I can has burning mouth sensation that lasts and lasts?! Too funny! I am utterly unsurprised that Chandler would be the first to scarf upon the spicy fools cake. ;-> I am also now ascared of reaching for another of your delectable cupcakes ever again, though!


girl you could have been my daughter- you would be fun to plot with -tell your office mate we'll get her in a few years when she turns 50 only five years and a few days to go. She hits the hill on the 9th. and then it is down hill till the big five 0 .


Brilliant. I need to try that.. Except I can't cook. But seriously, that's fantastic.

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