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August 27, 2009



Ya know, these are GREAT depth of field examples for your department intern. Just sayin...

old gray mare

omg,you've done it again! I love your imagination, Leila. You provide the detail that makes life beautiful.


Forrest -
Photography-wise, they are awful. It was 2am, and apparently my MBP monitor isn't calibrated at all. I may have to go in and fix those, because the yellow cast is bothering me. And for the depth of field, well, I didn't have good lighting in the kitchen, so I had to be at f/2.8

Ba -
Yu can imagine Pooks' reaction this morning ... "So yittle! So cute! I can pet them??"


OK, I'm inviting you over for next weekend. Can you whip up something Alabama football related for the big game? :)

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