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September 18, 2009



EXACTLY what i needed for this gloomy friday...thank you!


Awesome! I wish y'all were close. I have SO much dino stuff and books from when Ty was little. He would ask every night for us to read those to him and Jeff would fall asleep in the middle of it, complaining that it was like science class. haha


You know Kathy, we almost came down this weekend for the game. But we're just wiped out, and decided to do nothing on our off-weekend.

Yeah, I think this is the tip of the dino iceberg ... I see an obsession forming.


Oh, cool. If you ever do come down, let me know. I'll take you to dinner!

We actually were offered 2 Bama tickets but at the time, my youngest had a baseball tournament scheduled. It is raining like mad again, though, so it was cancelled. Then, a friend offered us 4 AU - WVU tix. Jeff ended up taking two of them and going down there with said youngest son. I watched the games on tv and shuttled teenagers around after homecoming festivities.


I have died from the cuteness. DIED.

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