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June 22, 2005



She's good.

I suspect her talent will shut up the fools.

I read a comment from Kathy Valentine last week (GoGo's bass player).

She has a solo record out and she put some tracks on garageband.com

Of the many comments she received, a number focused on the guy playing the guitars and how good he was.

Of course Kathy is the one playing the guitars.

Her response "I especially get a kick out of it when a reviewer assumes the guitarist is a male!!"

I guess the lesson is. Ignore the idiots and show them what you can do.



And by "blowing away the boys", I'm sure what he really means is "Blowing the boys". *head explodes in rage*

the old gray mare

Don't take the jerks comments to heart....he probably says nasty things about men that he feels threatened by as well. People like this just are fearful of the competition, and attack them verbally because they have no cojones!Bet this guy's a eunich!


Well, you do know why Helen Keller was a bad driver don't you?

Because she was a WOMAN!

(sorry, I know that's un-PC, but it's one of my favorites)
(And that guy is a total ass-hat)

otis again

Also, that is a very good photoshop job. Below is an example of a baaad PS job


It would only be better if the dog in the pic was in front of a statue of Saddam :)

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