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June 21, 2005



"They're coming to get you Barbara" is permanently etched in my brain from numerous viewings of Halloween (my horror obsession). It plays on the TV at the house where Jamie Lee is babysitting, while everyone is being slaughtered.

My first viewing of NOTLD was at a drive in. The drive in limped along in it's final year playing horror films to college kids, who mostly didn't watch them. Stiil, I can't imagine there was a better place to see it.

Sadly, no one shares my horror obsession so I typically watch them alone.

Now, where's that DVD.



Oh man, oh man. Night of the Living Dead is the sole (soul) entire reason that I am still scared of the dark. I spent at least five years of my teen-aged life jumping way, way out from my bed when I got up in the night so that the living dead living under there couldn't grab my ankles and pull me in with them. My sister was non-too-happy that I'd wake her up each night.

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