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September 21, 2005


Dr. J

Is it a cow? I am freak or am I just like all the rest? (p.s. Mark is reading your post while overseas. Thanks for the Calvin and Hobbes, Rush comments and other things that appeal to his dorkiness. I'll send you some pictures later that you are sure to appreciate.) Also, a note on your recent post - didn't Jaysus wear a dress?

old gray mare

a cow in a snow storm perhaps....but the first thing I saw was a cat eating a worm...perhaps the tail end of a bird meal


Oh dear. If I see a dark alien preparing to pierce the underbelly of that sea turtle (that's just been incapacitated by means of some sort of sonic attack) and then suck all his guts out, that's probably not the right thing, huh?

Oh wait. Now I see the cow. Whew.


Yep, it's a cow. Maybe the people in my class are freaks for not seeing it, or maybe y'all are drawn to my freakish nature. Hmm.

HI Dr. J! Nice to see you. I can't believe Mark reads this thing. I'll have to get smarter.

Rurality, nicely played. :)


I don't see no damn cow. All I see is a horrible contrasty negative.


Ok, now that I don't have a glass(es) of red wine in my system, I see the cow. It was hiding from me last night.


i can't see jack - even though i know the answer is cow...hmm. here from utenzi via michele. :)


My first thought was a fly with human arms caught in a web screaming "help me".

Yes I am weird.

On second thought, yes it is a cow, but even after that I can see the fly ...



I really wasn't kidding though, you know. :)

Angela Giles Klocke

I saw a cow first but thought, "darn it, does it make me normal to see the cow or should I be seeing something else?" So, cow is the answer to being right, right? Cool ;)

THE Cecily

Rush as in "2112" or as in "We're the Alpha Phis, the silver and bordeaux!"

And your first through eighth grade memories sound exactly like mine. Darnit, why is NC so far away from BC?

THE Cecily

Am I a freak for thinking it was a grainy picture of a secret CIA mission that was recently featured on the (not quite) hit ABC-television show "Alias"?

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