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February 12, 2007


old gray mare

I'm not at all surprised that it was Babies 'R Us that did you in....I'm glad no such animal existed when I was preggers or I am certain I would have felt the same way. The short answer to your question is NO, a baby doesn't need all that stuff. But they make sure that you feel like they absolutely do, and depriving your child of one of those care-taking trinkets will cause them great bodily harm or have them growing up deranged. You would be amazed at how little a baby actually needs. Some diapers. Some bottles. A place to sleep. Some clothes. Not a lot. I think Max probably requires more.


I was shocked SHOCKED that you were not registered for the Eddie Bauer stroller. But the bassinet looks good!

Aunt Lindsay

Your husband-friend will get a real chuckle when post-baby shower you find your house COVERED in Bordeux Butt Paste (I'm good for 2 of them myself).


I'll let Aunt Linz get y'all the butt paste...I will be the one to buy your lovely fetus something completely impractical and unecessary. Butt paste is important!

Auntie CeCe

I feel for you; it sounds ghastly. The babe will need a stroller and a Johnny Jump-Up. Other than that, assorted boxes to play with will be sufficient and you won't have so much stuff to discard later. I love you.

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