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June 17, 2007



She is beautiful. Congratulations!! She already looks mischievous -- I believe you two are going to have a live wire even if she is a girl.

Rose Connors

Welcome Maren! It's good to finally see you.

Chad Wit Twinz

Gorgeous! Ya'll done good! I'm looking forward to reading and seeing some of her "firsts!".
Congrats again...


I love her name! Maren is adorable, congratulations!


Congratulations again! I can't wait to meet her.


Love the photo of her looking at your grandfather!

Chris Engler

Hurrah for baby!


Congratulations! She's a cutie. Love the name. (We were betting on Alex. Ha!)

old gray mare

I can attest to the absolute beauty of this baby with first hand knowledge. She is magnificent! And her Mom and Dad are beyond awesome!


I'm thinking she has a bit of old gray mare in her...I may have to refer to a couple of baby photos to decide though....


What a cutie! Congratulations. :) Hope all are doing well.

Judi S.

Congratulations! Maren looks beautiful in that shade of green. Hope you and she are well and adjusting!


I love her name, and she is too cute for words! Her eyes are so piercing and she's so alert! Good job, Mom!!

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