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June 04, 2007



When is the due date? I hope you will have the baby soon, as long as the due date is not too far off. I know how hard lying around and waiting can be.

Rose Connors

Love the creative photos! Glad to hear the update.

Chris Engler

Hi, it's Chris from work. This entry made me kinda sad, learning that you don't feel like yourself anymore. I'm betting that your little one doing kung-fu on your guts is a sign that he or she is a-okay. Loving the photos. We miss you at the studio, hurry back :)

Judi S.

delurking to say that I'm sending good baby thoughts your way. It's hard to wait.


Loving the *very* creative photos. Also, sending good baby thoughts your way!

Chad Wit Twinz

Just checking in with you all. Best of luck with Pookie's arrival! Ours are "kickin' like ninjas" here in K-Town...

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