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June 12, 2007


Cecily Walker

*hugs* You can do this.


Good luck and congrats !


Can't wait to see 'The Pooks' and hear your labor story. You'll be fine...


Although I'm a little disappointed you aren't live blogging the blessed event ;)

radio gnome

best wishes for y'all and the Pookster!


Good luck and congrats on carrying all the way! Two weeks late? I would have been begging the doc for induction a month ago!

Rose Connors

Best of labor and delivery to you. Can't wait to see her!


I hope you and "Pookie" are at home safe and sound in short order. Like Rose, I can hardly wait for you to post photos.

Chad Wit Twinz

Again, best of luck with "The Pooks". Ya'll deserve a medal for overshootin' by 2 weeks. Wow! What a woman...Sounds like D's a lucky dude!

Chris Engler

Best of luck!


YAY! We're so excited for you! Sending positive thoughts!


I swear to God I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering if no news was good news! My blog aggregator is slow, so Best Wishes and/or Welcome Little One!!


Thoughts, prayers, good karma all heading your way from Maine.
(but I'm with Marie--we need this live-blogged).


We're thinking of you. Hoping you're enjoying your new life as "Mom."

Tom and Lori


I won't post the particulars, but Mom, Dad, and child are all good:)


Congratulations! Glad to hear it went well.

Mike & Molly

Congratulations from Vermont and welcome to the world Miss Pookie Jackson! Can't wait see her perfect little face.


Photo soon, please!!


Good luck! Wishing you the best! Although I am a little late (and I cheated too by going to blue ridge blogs first) so Congratulations are in order, she is beautiful.

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