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September 05, 2007



Oh my goodness--Love it. Isn't it funny how Ohio State fans and ASU fans are now joined forever by their utter disdain for Michigan?
Seriously, I've never seen anything like that game. You guys didn't get lucky. You beat em fair and square. Well done!
Now, please go out and win this one on Saturday or it will be all for naught :)

Auntie CeCe

Maren is a doll.


She's smiling plenty these days:)

Auntie CeCe

Does the back of this onesy say:

...and good with ketchup!


'heard DJ on 2 radio stations Monday morning here in Greensboro - no baby crying in the background. Cute pic.


Maren just keeps getting more gorgeous. Looks like she's really grown a lot!

Chad Wit Twinz

I'd love to have hair like that again! ANY, actually.
See you Saturday on the SL.


Looks like my Ducks stomped on the wolverines too!


She is adorable!!

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