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October 31, 2007



you really outdid yourself this year. Tonight we trick or treat in HELL would have been a better title. My boss(es) were all very stoked.

Marla Stair

See, I do check your blog and made it all the way to the bumbo before realizing I do have to work today. Bumbos are great! But as we realized w/ grandson Callum, when they outgrow it at around 25lbs, (or when you're denial about them out growing it) they make a lous suction sound when you rip them out of it...if you can rip them out of it. :snorfle: You got a whole lotta cute baby there, lady! Good to see you all yesterday!
PS...I love 300, too! It's an honest to gawd chick flick with all those six packs shining! :fans:

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