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October 15, 2009



Hippo cookies! HIPPO COOKIES!


What about Africookies? I love the Lions! I'm just waiting to see some Star Wars themed cookies.

old gray mare

Leila you are absolutely incredible! These are beyond belief! The one thing that really strikes me in your attention to detail is that these cookies are obviously made with a lot of love. You're amazing!


Dude. I bow.


Unbelievable!!! I am trying to find some inspiration online to make some cookies for my son's 1st birthday - jungle/safari themed.... i think i have found it.


Where did yo find the cookie cutters...I love them?


Christine -
I made them with metal and tin snips. It's a little time-consuming to do, but makes for very customizable results!

Kristin Morris

I wonder if you might be interested in making and selling me some? :D I am making cupcakes for my sons 5th birthday and he wants a safari them, and I use fondant animals on top and these would be perfect cookie cutters for that!!!! I havent found a zebra head on google yet besides this one!!! I only use the heads, I dont do the whole bodies, and this is fantatic! I love your icing work too! What kind of ising did you use? Was it the free flow kind?

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