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May 01, 2010


old gray mare

If I had known Steve Martin was going to be there...well...I probably still wouldn't have come but it's nice to think about.Pooks has been having a whirlwind non-stop day...in other words, typical. We played outside most of the day. We got all dressed up to go to Pastabilities for dinner, but we couldn't get her to let us put her shoes on so we nixed that idea and stayed home and ordered pizza. A much better choice, she was delighted. We played some more outside, dug in the dirt, played with all the neighboring dogs, visited all the neighbors, and played Ready Set Go race a bazillion times, hit bubbles with a baseball bat,and watered all the flowers. Then, being thoroughly filthy dirty, she had a bath, jammies, story, drink of water, and bed. Cried for 2.9 seconds, then out like a light. She did ask if we would take her to Sunrise Grill for breakfast. She wanted pancakes. I think we'll do the homemade version, as that's a bit of a haul.


I was hoping you'd have a Dierks Bentley photo. Gah, he's sexy! :)

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