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February 15, 2011



Here here!

Old Gray Mare

This is sooo true, and I admire how you have stepped in to keep Maren shielded from the high pressure marketing and well rounded in her character interests. I have no worries about her turning into an episode of Toddlers and Tiaras, but am glad she can enjoy a romp in a tulle skirt and galoshes if she so chooses. Or a blast to infinity...and beyond!

Yankee wife

Wonderful and so right on! You know, Henry spends half his time at daycare playing "firefighter" and the other half playing "princess". Whiled talking to a coworker recently, I shared that he was devastated when a female classmate "took the princess dress from me, and I was sad!", the amused coworker said "That probably made you happy. Don't want your son wearing a dress!" ?!? Shock! Horror! A boy wearing a tutu and tiara! I was appalled-- "Absolutely not!" I stated that I was proud of my kid for just being him and I would be so disappointed if he stopped doing something he enjoyed because someone else said that it was a "girl thing". Bravo for parents who could give a rat's patootie about "gender appropriate" toys.


Wonderful! With my 3 kids, we had a play kitchen that my now 6 ft tall baseball star played with more than his little sister. Loved to wear her pretend jewelry. And his sister? She played Thomas with her twin brother daily. We talked about what THEY thought and felt - not what other people thought. Good behavior and a kid's self-worth is something you have to teach from day one. It doesn't magically occur. Or in the case of behavior, it isn't something you can work on years later. I see parents with demanding six year olds trying to do something with them...too late!
Of course, mine are all teenagers now and bringing with that a whole new meaning to "behavior" and "parenting". Just when you think you have it all down, they turn into teens and lose their brains somewhere. Ha ha!

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